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Custom Golf Club Fittings

The Process

At FCG, It's More Than Just A Fitting

     We start by having an in-depth intake form that tells us about you and your golf goals. Then, one of our friendly staff will contact you to schedule your fitting. When you arrive at FCG (located in Grey Eagle Golf), our staff will check you in. Then, one of our fitters will introduce themselves and take you out to our Trackman with your current clubs. By watching your current swing combined with your current clubs, our fitters will be able to put clubs in your hand that are made for your swing.

     As our fitter goes through their process, they will also give you tips and tricks. As a recent fittee recently stated, "I'm not a pro by any means. If I break 80, that's a great day. Not only did I walk out with a set of clubs that fit my swing, I learned a clubface adjustment to start my backswing that has given me the ability to hit a consistent baby-draw as opposed to my previous uncontrolled slice with my irons. This was more than a fitting. It was exactly what my game needed." 

Want Lower Scores? Get Fitted At FCG.